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Will we see a change in the land lease law and procedures or just clarifying the loopholes and grey zones?

After a judgment from the Phuket Civil Court, there has been a lot of discussion about the “safe leases” of 30+30+30 years on land and condominium now declared not valid,

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Buying an Off-Plan Condominium : Pro & Con

You’ve thought about it, and many of your friends and colleagues have done it – some with regret and others with delight. With Thailand’s strict laws on land ownership, buying


Destination: Thailand – Luxurious Getaway Rentals

You’ve been counting the days until your tropical dream vacation and every moment has to be perfect. It would also be nice to do something a bit different this year.

Real Estate

Thailand – Is It Risky for a Foreigner to Buy Real Estate Here?

You’ve been in Thailand for a while now and finally made the decision to stay. We understand: we also love the soft white sand, the tropical climate, the laid-back lifestyle,

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Destination: Thailand – Romantic Honeymoon Rentals

Thailand is such a sexy and sunshine-filled country that many couples discover it long before they tie the knot. Whether you and your loved one are among those happy couples,