AD ASIA Consulting Launches an Informative 10-Part Series on ‘Investing in ASEAN’

AD ASIA Consulting Launches an Informative 10-Part Series on ‘Investing in ASEAN’

ASEAN has an aggregate economic size of USD 2.3 trillion, a combined population of 616 million, and had an average real GDP growth rate of 5.4% in 2012, 5.0% in 2013, and 4.7% in 2014. “The ASEAN economies have shown resilient growth performance during the last two years, supported by strong domestic consumption and investment,” says Forbes.


“Just as the growth stories in other countries have become less rosy,” says a report from Eastspring Investments, “that of ASEAN seems to be on the rise. Many ASEAN countries are seeing healthy, if not robust growth rates, based on sound fundamentals and with decent mid-term prospects. Together with the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community, this may position the ASEAN countries as attractive alternative locations for foreign direct investment”.


“The ‘Asian Tigers are now once again demanding renewed attention, says PwC Thailand, “but the Asian Tigers currently roaring are not the same ones as in the 1990s when the term was coined. Many of the tiger cubs of the 1990s are now fully grown and new cubs are growling”.


According to PwC, South East Asia is the bright spot in an otherwise dim global economy: as the US continues to limp out of recession, and the EU continues to deteriorate, South East Asia is a rising star that merits attention.


AD ASIA Consulting is giving it that attention, with nine comprehensive posts on Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand. Here’s a sneak preview:


  • Cambodia (2014 Growth Outlook: 7.3%) – “The new investment law in Cambodia now offers one of the best business incentive packages in Southeast Asia”.
    Crowe Horwath


  • Indonesia (2014 Growth Outlook: 7.3%) – “The government, through the Investment Coordinating Board, is very encouraging of foreign investment, particularly in relation to infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and energy”.
    PwC Thailand


  • Laos (2014 Growth Outlook: 7.8% – “The entrepreneur in me sees a lot of opportunity here the same way I see opportunity in Cambodia. Laos isn’t exactly a blank slate. But it’s close”.
    Nomad Capitalist
  • Malaysia (2014 Growth Outlook: 5.0% – “The country’s robust economy, supportive government, educated workforce and developed infrastructure has quietly transformed it into an attractive destination for international investors”.
    Financial writer Justin Kuepper


  • Philippines (2014 Growth Outlook: 5.9%) – “One of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, the Philippines is showing signs of overheating, and the Aquino administration is drumming up investor support”.


  • Singapore (2014 Growth Outlook: 3.4%) – “While on the surface, the Singapore economy is the standard to which others can only dream of attaining, behind the scenes is a very fragile economy highly dependent on the cost of capital staying low”.


  • Vietnam (2014 Growth Outlook: 5.5%) – “Vietnam wants to involve itself more deeply in the global manufacturing chain and the government is shifting focus from quantity to quality in attracting foreign direct investment”.
    PwC Thailand


  • Myanmar (2014 Growth Outlook: 7.0%) – “On the back of its young population and rich natural resources, Myanmar has rapidly become a new production center in Asia”.
    Korea International Trade Association researcher Song Song-i


  • Thailand (2014 Growth Outlook: 3.2%) – “Despite the ups and downs and occasional turbulence of the past 15 years that AD Asia Group and AD Asia Consulting have been operating in Thailand, the country’s economy continued to grow by an average of 5% annually”.
    Janne Takala, AD ASIA Consulting


While many investors have been focusing on China, India and Brazil for the past decade, due to their immense populations and low production costs, the shift of focus back to South East Asia is gaining momentum.


“Receiving seven-times the amount of foreign direct investment per capita than India in 2012, and almost as much as China, the ASEAN region is a quiet achiever on the world economic stage,” says the Economist.


AD ASIA Consulting has maintained a presence in Thailand for 15 years now, originally as manufacturers and service providers and gradually expanding into AD ASIA Consulting – an affiliate of the Hong Kong-based AD ASIA Group – which has been providing clients here with A-Z turnkey solutions since 2011.


Read the full series, then contact us and learn how we can help you succeed in what has become the most exciting part of the world for multinationals and entrepreneurs alike.




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